RV Inspections

Would you buy a new home without having it inspected first? No, you would not. When you are shopping for your home on the road, Alabama RV Service Center offers professional RV inspections to help you choose a good RV and alert you to any problems. Contact us at (470) 289-0121 for inspections in the Birmingham area.

Pre-Purchase & Warranty RV Inspections

We highly recommend having your RV inspected before you sign the paperwork to buy it. Just because you are buying an RV from a showroom, don’t assume that it’s in mint condition. We have had many customers surprised when their “new” RVs started having problems, and we’ve found that the RVs were damaged before they were sold. Someone had just covered up the damage instead of fixing it.

When we inspect your RV, we are as careful as if it were our own. We examine the roof, the electrical work, quality of the tires, mechanical parts, plumbing, lighting, propane system, and more.

Also, we recommend inspections if you have an extended warranty, as it is sometimes difficult to get those warranties honored. If your RV has been damaged and your insurance company wants the damage professionally assessed, we are set to do that too.

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We aren’t kidding when we say we’re passionate about RVs and helping our customers too.

We have over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Choose Alabama RV Service Center for thorough RV inspections from an expert around Birmingham AL

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Contact us at (470) 289-0121 for reliable RV inspections performed by Alabama RV. Located in Woodland, we serve the Birmingham area and Randolph County, Oxford, Heflin, Huntsville, Centre, and Fort Payne. Got more questions? Check out our Who We Are and our Rates & Policies pages.

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